Wind SFX.

Wind Special Effects.

Welcome to wind special effects, a microsite covering wind effects for film and tv from creating light breezes, gusts and gales to localised hurricane effects. Whatever wind effect you are trying to achieve, we'll be happy to talk through options and considerations.

We've a broad selection of spfx wind machines, turbines and blowers we use for various effects, so we'll try and help out whether it's creating a small breeze or a hurricane force wind. We have various E-Fans, and our wind machines include electric 3 phase 20hp (5 foot blade) trolley mounted wind machines for studio work and powerful VW petrol (6 foot tri-blade) trailer mounted wind machines, along with Venturi Air Movers and numerous leaf blowers.

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  • 2000
    Sexy Beast
    Jonathan Glazer
  • 2004
    Seed of Chucky
    Don Mancini
  • 2005
    The Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy
    Garth Jennings
  • 2006
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  • 2006
    BBC Krakatoa
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  • 2007
    The Hills have Eyes
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  • 2007
    The Man from London
    Béla Tarr
  • 2007
    Arn - The Knight Templar
    Peter Flinth
  • 2008
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  • 2009/10
    The Way Back
    Peter Weir
  • 2012
    Ralph Fiennes
  • 2012
    The Invisible Woman
    Ralph Fiennes
  • 2013
    The Imitation Game
    Morten Tyldum
  • 2014
    The November Man
    Roger Donaldson
  • 2015
    A Bigger Splash
    Luca Guadagnino
  • 2016
    Young Men
    Michael Nunn
  • 2017
    Michael Noer
  • 2019
    The Eight Hundred
    Hu Guan